the evolution system

You gain the benefit of a system with more than 30 years of Answering Service experience. Your system will keep your operators and customers connected and provide accurate exchange of information. You will be able to track both your operators and customers to resolve issues rapidly. If your needs change, you can adjust the resources you use; when the call flow increases due to a new client, you can quickly add workstations and if the call count is down you can reduce your workstation expense.

cost reduction

In many cases, your initial cash outlay will be far less for more benefits, due to no system purchase cost. Your phone bill should be significantly less, you’ll have no system maintenance cost, no upgrade cost, no salaries to pay for advanced technical staff, and the monthly charge becomes a continual income tax write off. You may be able to reduce office space, and best of all, when you have an issue with the system, you pick up the phone and tell us and we will fix it.


You will use rock-solid, proven, mainstream technology that is used by Fortune 500 companies around the world. Your operators can service your customers with a superior advantage by staying connected to the system from anywhere that has an Internet connection. Your IVR is an intelligent call handling and interactive response innovation that lets your operators handle more calls and can provide information to your callers before they reach an operator.

Maintenance and Back-Up

We provide you with a secure private Microsoft SQL database for your messages and other data. All system maintenance and upgrades are performed by qualified technicians or engineers, leaving you free to run your business. System data back-ups are performed nightly and are available to you.